The Awakening process is a time of where all your spiritual senses are heightened – so here’s 5 ways to enhance your intuition during spiritual awakening

If you’re experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, whether it’s quite a new thing or you’ve been in the process for a few years, your intuition will have been activated and growing all the time.

To help you enhance that process here are my 5 favourites tools that you can work with that will help you to tap into your intuition and choose which ones you might adopt as practices to assist both yourself and others.




Pendulums are a great tool for checking in on answers to simple questions, you need to check on what is yes/no/maybe for you first. Then you’re ready to go.

To use this as a way to enhance your intuition pay attention to what’s happening in your body, what do you feel and experience when the pendulum is giving you a hard yes, or a hard no.

If you don’t have a pendulum you can also try using a necklace, but ask it’s permission first.



oracle cards

singing algonquin water song

Everyone loves a deck of Oracle Cards, and there is such a mix of beautiful and powerful cards available nowadays.

To use these to enhance your intuition notice how you feel when the right card finds you, and most importantly see what the card says to you before you go straight to looking it up in the wee booklet.




Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying is a wonderful to connect with your Guides, Trusted Allies, or Power Animals.

It’s worth taking some classes to learn how to journey – it’s not the same as meditation, it is an active process of hunting out information.

To use this to enhance your intuition during your awakening, ask specific questions before your journey.

Often Shamanic Journeys bring forth information that is not literal, but is very relevant.  It’s definitely worth combining this with your Journaling practice and keeping a record of what comes forth in your Journeys – you’ll be amazed how relevant it will be in the the weeks and months to come.



I touched on Journaling in my post about rituals to practice during you spiritual awakening.

To use it as a tool to enhance your intuition, particularly during your spiritual awakening, allow yourself to free-write for 3 pages, giving as little thought to what you’re writing as possible.

This gets easier with practice!

Then reflect back on what you’ve written and see what your intuition has brought up for you.



divining rods


singing algonquin water song

Divining Rods are definitely the tool which activated my intuition during my Spiritual Awakening!  You can read about my experience with them in Ireland here.

To use them to enhance your intuition just head out on the land, set an intention, and see where they take you!

You may want to learn about Land Healing if your intuition is calling to you when you work with the rods.