One of the key gateways for me to access my Spirituality, and deep-dive within it, is to be out in nature.

That can be everything from meditation, to re-kindling deep connection with my ancestors.  Although there are simple, key processes that can make this possible, it does involve intention and practice.

So many people tell me they feel a deep connection when spending time out in nature, yet so few seem to take the next step and get proactive about that process – here’s my top tips for how to make being out in nature part of your spiritual practice.



if you want to be spiritual in nature – try these.

singing algonquin water song

1. Set A Strong Intention

Next time you go for a walk, or are spending time in nature, set a strong intention that this is going to be part of your Spiritual practice.

Say it out loud to yourself, then write it down somewhere like your journal too – then expect yourself to follow through…and show up for that.

This might involve not listening to music but instead letting the sound of nature come to your ears, or chanting mantras to yourself while you’re out.  Think about what helps (and hinders) you from reaching a spiritually connected state and be prepared to put that into action as you’re out.

2. Bring Your Favourite Spiritual Practices Outside

This may be easier said than done.  What you might find easy in your own back garden, or within a group workshop, can make you feel quite self-conscious out on your own in public when you first start, but as it becomes part of your routine, it becomes more comfortable too.

I’ve found that Spirit usually offers a way through this, with other people mysteriously not being around, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and when they are I am always greeted with a smile too.

Think about what this would look like to you. Drumming? Meditating? Yoga? Take your spiritual practice from your living room to down by the river, and notice the difference.



3. Pay Attention & Expect Signs

Also known as Shamanic Journeying In The Middle World – while you’re out in nature expect signs from spirit, and treat what you notice or find as a gift for you.

This is actually how I start the process of land healing, how I do some of my Shamanic Healing work, and definitely how I walk out in nature all the time. Starting with initially setting my intention, everything that catches my eye, or comes to my path is a beautiful gift from Spirit and something I should pay attention to.

Heart shaped-stones, feathers from certain birds, bones from animals… The more you notice, the more you’ll notice.  Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t forget the all important gratitude for what finds you along your way.

4. Learn Some Outdoor Specific Spiritual Practices

This could be a little personal fire ceremony, or singing the Algonquin Water Song 

Or it could be something much bigger done with a group, such as a Sweat Lodge or a Firewalk

Most of our spiritual practices have their roots in the ways of our ancestors, before there were heated yoga studios with electric lights – find out more about how herbs, our own bodies, and alignment with nature were key elements of certain aspects of spirituality, and set out to learn how to practice one of those for yourself.



drumming to the water

Practicing Being Spiritual In Nature

Like most spiritual practices it can take time and commitment to build something that feels natural and enjoyable. Keeping track of how you’re doing can be a great reminder of how rewarding it is on days when you’re struggling to stick with it – why not try journaling for a few minutes after every time you have practiced your spirituality out in nature.

If you’re a coach or change maker, you may find specific training that enables you to support your clients through a deeper experience with nature really useful too.  That could be everything from Reconnection Coaching to Firewalk Instructor Certification Training.

Most importantly get out and get your feet on the land (even if they’re in welly boots while you do it!). Leave space for the Earth Mother to bring her teachings and deeper connection to you.

If you already love being spiritual in nature, I’d love to hear what works for you – feel free to leave me a comment below.