Over the past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the dead.

This probably sounds strange (it does to my rational brain), but I feel like I’ve been in mentorship with the bones and the land they nourish. This journey has brought many moments of great joy, as well as tears of emotional release.

Learning and Connecting with My Lineage

During these months, I’ve allowed myself to:

  • Learn and experience more about my recent lineage and their connection with rural living. This exploration has deepened my understanding of my ancestors and their ways of life.
  • Take guidance from the wise grandmothers of the land that holds my heart. Their wisdom has been a source of strength and clarity for me.
  • Assert the difference between Celtic and Irish heritage. This distinction has led me to connect with the Sidhe and embrace the playful aspects of this deep work.

Healing Sorrows and Personal Grief

This journey hasn’t been without its sorrows. I’ve:

  • Experienced the sorrows held in the land and actively worked to heal some of these wounds. This process has also allowed me to connect with my own grief.
  • Grieved the loss of an important relationship that ended over 20 years ago. This relationship was abusive, and only now have I found the space to grieve it properly.

Reclaiming My Role as a Teacher

One of the most significant aspects of this journey has been:

  • Reclaiming my place as a teacher of these deeply held traditions. This role is something I’ve held within my bones for a long time, though I am experiencing a lot of self-doubt right now.

As I approach the 10-year anniversary of my Dad’s passing this week, I feel a new cycle of my work emerging. Firewalking will always be at the heart of the Wild Soul Tribe ❤️‍🔥, but over the next years, the bones will be too. I haven’t fully worked out what this looks like yet, but just like lineage, I know that the path behind me also continues.

Looking Forward

I am the one my ancestors have been waiting for ✨. I’m looking forward to teaching what I’ve been learning soon. This journey has been both challenging and illuminating, and I’m eager to share these experiences with you.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore this path and bring new insights to our community. Remember, true growth often comes from the journeys we least expect to take.

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