Protecting yourself from negative energy

As you grow into your role of Medicine Carrier (either Medicine Woman or Medicine Man) you will undoubtedly come across people on your path who recognise something special in you and want to support you.  Unfortunately, it might be that your natural way of working with energy and the elements may trigger others too.

My own experience has been that I’ve had many beautiful souls step up and pour encouragement and love in bucketfuls at me, but I’ve also had my fair share of dark, yucky energy thrown at me along the way too.

Here’s some great ways you can protect yourself from that which don’t involve having to do a Cord Cutting Ceremony every time you have awareness of this happening – I’d love to know which one’s you’ve tried and what works bext for you.



personal hygiene – wash it away

 You can do this one easily in the shower or bath.  

As you wash your body turn your focus and intent to cleaning the unwanted energy from yourself (this works great for days you’ve just been in a large group of people too). Be purposeful in your actions.

You’ll probably find it helpful to use a specific cleaning product.  Sea Salt is great for this, gently scrub away the negativity, or super-lather up with your favourite soap of shower gel.

Watch the water wash away down the plughole and allow yourself to enjoy the fact that the energy is being washed away with it.  You could try making a spiral motion with your fingers as the energy is carried down the plughole and away.



put up energetic mirrors to reflect it back

singing algonquin water song

This is my favourite way for practicing protection from someone who really does mean you harm, either spiritually, emotionally or even physically.

It may take a little practice if it’s not something you’ve done before, but it’s a powerful way to bring an end to any negative energy from an individual landing with you, or effecting you in any way.

You need to check-in with your own intention too, to ensure this isn’t about you meaning that person harm, but just about deflecting what they send to create harm for you.




ask your guides to retrieve your power for you

If you practice Shamanic Journeying, or the Irish Celtic Imram, you can ask your Guides to assist you in retrieving your power for you.

It can be pretty easy to say that the words and actions of others don’t bother you, but also very different to live it – when people are doing wrong by us it can create feelings of unworthiness or lack of confidence.  Let your Guides help you get that back.

Carried out in a very similar way to a Soul Retrieval, once you enter your journey ask your Guides to take you to where your power is waiting for you.  

Once there, claim it back as your own and take some time to integrate it, maybe by patting it into your body, or walking bare foot on the land.



use a hag stone

singing algonquin water song

In my recent blog post about An Bean Feasa, the Irish Medicine Woman  I shared how they would have used Hag Stones as a commonly used tool.

These stones have naturally occurring holes in them and are most commonly found by natural water sources – I always see lots of the beaches by the Severn Sisters on the South Coast of England.

These stones were used as talismen and strung for protection so that they could be hung around the neck, wrist, or waist.

Try hanging one on the corner of your bed to protect you from negative energy.



Sage is probably the most well known herb used for smudging, with its roots in the Native American traditions, but you can use any herb you are familiar with for cleansing your energy field.

When the herb is smouldering focus on the smoke as it weaves its way upwards.

As you use your smudging to remove the negative energy let the smoke continue to carry it away from you – allow your attention to fall to the negativity winding its way up to the sky and away and how the smoke will not allow it to return.



what works for you?

Have you tried any of these techniques for clearing yourself of negative energy before?  What has worked best for you?

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