music is a powerful thing – here are 5 of my favourite tracks to listen to during spiritual awakening

Music is such an amazing thing – it has the power to evoke emotion, contemplation, and super-high kick-ass energy.  Listening to music during your Spiritual Awakening will definitely support you as you feel all the feels.



1. pratibha – shine

I’ve had the pleasure over being in many workshops over the years where Pratibha has been facilitating the music – she creates pure magic with her music.

This track is a great reminder to focus on LOVE beyond all else, and remember to SHINE.




2. edo & Jo – siddhi buddhi (bliss) 

Siddhi Buddhi means Bliss, and that’s exactly where this song takes me – it full of joy, but also encourages me to chant along, creating more bliss in my life and the World.




3. the black crowes – soul singing 

The black Crowes might not be the band that springs to mind when you think of music to listen to when you’re going through your Spiritual Awakening, but this song just encompassed all the feels, so if you love a bit of rock music, and you’re ready to celebrate your awakening deep down in your soul, then this is the perfect track.



4. Bliss – a hundred thousand angels

If you’re in need of a reminder that you’re not alone when you’re experiencing your Spiritual Awakening then this track is the one for you.



4. the gathering – abundance

Another track featuring Lucinda Drayton (she sings with Bliss too) this song is great fun when you just want to have a bum-wiggling boogie, and remind yourself of all the good things that have found you during you Spiritual Awakening.



which track is your fave?