Firewalking has been a BIG part of my life for around 10 years now, and to be honest I think it was always there waiting for me to find it – I cannot imagine (and find it hard to recall) life without hot coals!

Firewalking has brought so much richness and diversity to my life, I’m so glad I walk this path. If it’s something you’ve ever done, or you’re considering training as an Instructor, here’s a list you might relate to….



5 things i wish i had known about firewalking before i trained as an instructor….

singing algonquin water song

1. Firewalking Opens International Opportunities

I love to travel and explore, as well as learn about other cultures – what I didn’t realise is that when you train as a Firewalk Instructor you really do become a part of a tribe, represented around the Globe. 

By connecting with other Instructors I’ve been able to travel to support and take part in Firewalks all around the World.

Amazingly, over the last 5 years I’ve been training instructors, people now travel from all over the world to learn from me too.


2. Holding A Firewalk Can Be Scary

Honestly, if you think putting your own feet on hot coals is a scary idea, then taking responsibility for a group of others to do the same can really be next level.

BUT that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done – the results for participants truly outweigh the fear, and stepping through that can lead to an amazing experience for the Instructor too.

Because of this, I started including mentoring through the first Firewalk as part of my Instructor Training program, and I now see a huge percentage of my students go on to hold their own Firewalks compared with other trainings. Someone to help hold the space from afar makes all the difference.

That takes us on to point 3…



Bliss at Firewalk Instructor Certification Training

3. Not All Instructor Trainings Are Equal

Some trainings are geared much more towards personal experience than equipping people to hold their own Firewalks.

The training I originally took part in had no opportunity to practice leading any of the activities, with equipment literally counted out to one per participant so that it was just focused on my personal experience, not my business offerings or development.

We often learn more from what we don’t like than what we do, and I now go above and beyond to ensure my students are fully ready to lead others over hot coals, as well as through all the other breakthrough activities covered on the course.

4. It’s An Amazing Way To Connect With The Ancestors

The amount of energy that builds up at a good Firewalk literally calls the ancestors to come play on the hot coals with us.

Processes of deep connection that can take years to build up when you’re learning about shamanism, can happen in an instant.



drumming to the water
Bliss at Firewalk Instructor Certification Training

5. It Never Gets Boring

When done right, Firewalking never gets tiresome or feels like work.

Over 10 years on, having Firewalked my way around the World, working with over 10 Master Instructors from around the Globe, and led way too many people to count across the coals, I’m still passionate about Firewalking and sneak the opportunity to walk myself whenever I can.

Each Firewalk has the opportunity to bring off-the-scale energy, fresh challenges, and new joy.

Who knew when I signed up to train as an Instructor (I’d never Firewalked at the time) what an exciting journey I was stepping into.

could training as a firewalk instructor be for you?

Firewalking definitely isn’t for everyone, but if this post has tweaked your interest why not click through to take my 2 minute quiz to find out if training as a Firewalk Instructor  could be a good fit for you.


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