o5 films about spiritual awakening

Here are 5 of my favourite films about Spiritual Awakening, some of them are really obvious, but some you may not even have realised are about an Awakening process at all

  • Eat, Pray, Love – this is based on the true story of author Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey to awakening, traveling the world, after her divorce.  I love that it doesn’t hide the messy side of Awakening, showing in all its glory the tears and triumphs of her personal story.  This is an easy watch with Julia Roberts in the lead.
  • 7 Years In Tibet – fronted by a young Brad Pitt, this film shares the epic adventure of Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer. It highlights beautifully the aspect of plans not actually going to plan leading to life-changing Awakening moments as his attempts to scale the Himalayan peaks are interrupted by the 2nd World War. His Spiritual Awakening adventure leads to him being in Tibet, and befriending the Dalia Lama no less.
  • Inception – mind-bendingly brilliant, Inception unlocks the concepts of what the unconscious mind can create when given the space and intention to do so.  Set in the dream space, and fronted by Leonardo Di Caprio, it also holds a warning of what can happen when we spend too much time in altered reality rather than living in the reality of a grounded Spiritual Awakening.
  • The Truman Show – just like with so many Spiritual Awakenings, Truman Burbank wakes up one day and starts to question EVERYTHING, and for Truman there’s good reason.  His reality has actually been a reality tv program the rest of the World has been looking in on, and he was never allowed to know.  As the truth dawns of Truman, played by the great Jim Carrey, we see him risk everything to step into a new, awakened reality.
  • The Matrix – is a bit like the real world version of the Truman Show. Fronted by the beautiful soul that is Keane Reeves, as a computer programmer that comes to an Awakened realisation that real life is not real at all, but that all of humanity is living within a simulated world controlled by machines. In this first installment of the franchise we see his alter-ego Neo awaken to the truth and join a rebellion with others that have become free from The Matrix.  It’s gripping stuff.

What’s your favourite film about spiritual awakenings? 

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