what is the algonquin water song?


The Algonquin Water Song which comes from the indigenous people of Canada, particularly for women to sing, is to encourage and enable deep reconnection with the life blood of ourselves and the planet.

It is a beautiful practice of love and connection that can be used anytime you come into contact with water – so that the heart of your words is carried around the planet by the waters themselves, nowhere is left untouched by your love intentions.

Many people claim that the song has long historical significance, but it is actually only 21 years old this year (2023).


giving gratitude to the water

the history of the algonquins and the water song

The song was written by Irene Wawatie Jerome for Grandfather William Commanada’s 2002 Circle of All Nations Gathering.  The Wawatie and Commanda families wish for the song to be spread far and wide, encouraging particularly women to express gratitude for the water as they raise their vibration to that of the water which flows around the world.

The Algonquins are originally from the Southernmost region of Canada, but in modern times reside in 9 different communities in Quebec and Ontario. They call themselves Anishnabe, ‘original person’ as they do many other native tribes, and the word Algonquin which is now used among them is thought to originate from French.


The Words Of The Algonquin Water Song

We are encouraged to share the lyrics Phonetically so that everyone can join the circle of singing, the words are:

Nee bee wah bow

En die en

Aah key mis kquee

Nee bee wah bow

Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey

Hey ha hey ya hey ya ho


The Water is the life blood of Mother Earth

The Water that I carry is the blood of Mother Earth

The Water is the life blood of our Bodies

singing algonquin water song
drumming to the water

When To sing The Algonquin Water Song

You can sing the song anytime, but particularly when you are in contact with water.

Of course this can be beside a beautiful river, loch, or the sea, but it can also be when you are in the shower, or washing the dishes ~ water is our greatest gift from the earth mother, the more we express gratitude for the water the more we start to recognise the water in our lives.

How To Sing The Algonquin Water Song

We are encouraged to sing the song through 4 times, each time facing a cardinal point – as with everything in the Native American and Canadian traditions, we start in the East and work clockwise





I enjoy using a simple percussion as I sing, such as my drum.

There are lots of videos on Youtube if you want others to sing along with, this on is one of my favourites. 


Creating Change With The Algonquin Water Song

It is believed that the song is a powerful step towards creating change, enhancing both Spiritual and Environmental wellbeing across the planet ~ the world so much needs this medicine at the moment, I hope you will join the song and be part of the change we all play a part in creating.