Huath – learning from the hawthorn blossom

The Blossoming Season

With the Spring comes the blossoming of the Hawthorn and as I continue my journey with hawthorn this year, I’ve noticed a greater expansion of my heart space. This sacred plant, known for its heart medicine and protection, seems to be working its magic on me. I’m more comfortable asking for what I want, and not just accepting, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

A Shift in Heart Space

The presence of Hawthorn has brought a deep sense of satisfaction with my life. I’ve found myself carrying a wry smile regularly these days. A few weeks ago, I was impatiently waiting for the blossoms to arrive, eager to step into this part of the cycle. Now, I wish time would slow down, allowing me to savour and enjoy each moment.

The Joy of Asking and Receiving

This period has taught me the importance of asking for what I want.  One of the firewalker Points Of Power is ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, it can be really difficult, can’t it?!

For many people this can show up as creating stories and rejections.  In the past, I often hesitated to voice what I wanted, instead I would make up reasons and excuses for the other person to say no, and choose not to ask because I didn’t want to face the possibility of the rejection I had created in my mind.  Now, I ask anyway, sitting with the fact a no to the things I’m asking is ok.

An unexpected aspect of this has been that as I’ve accepted this heart-opening area of Huath into my life, I’ve also got better at saying no myself! As I’ve been encouraging others to as for what they want too, I’ve noticed a shift which has fostered deeper connection with those around me, as we all become more open and honest about our desires.

Where might asking for what you want bring greater openness and joy in your life?

The Wisdom of the Hawthorn

Hawthorn teaches us to embrace the cycles of life. Just as the blossoms come and go, our lives are filled with periods of growth, rest, and renewal. By aligning ourselves with these natural rhythms, we can find greater balance and harmony.

Hawthorn continues to be a gentle yet powerful teacher, guiding me to open my heart, voice my needs, and find satisfaction in the now. I look forward to continuing this journey, with a deeper appreciation for the simple, yet profound, lessons that the native plants of the land

The blossoming of Hawthorn has been a transformative experience for me. It has expanded my heart space, empowered me to ask for what I want, and brought a deep sense of satisfaction with my life. By embracing the present moment and the natural cycles of life, we can find greater balance and joy. As I continue to learn from the Hawthorn, I encourage you to do the same with a plant of your choice  – to slow down, savour, and embrace the wisdom that the land so generously offers.

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