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the ancient art of firewalking is an incredibly powerful metaphor that has the ability to be deeply impactful for all those involved…

Is it right for you?

I’m super-chuffed that your wild soul has been called here to explore the exciting possibilities of training to hold your own Firewalks. 

The World needs this medicine right now, and those that carry it forward, carry a special and rare gift, both for themselves and others.

Join me for this opportunity to get your questions answered all about what the training involves, what’s included in the Wild Soul Program, and where you can find the right training for you

You Will Not Find Anything Like The Experience Of firewalk CERTIFICATION training With Us Elsewhere

Lottie:  Your questions will be answered by Lottie Moore, Internationally acclaimed Firewalk Instructor Trainer, Wild Soul Guide, & founder here at the Wild Soul Tribe. As the Wild Soul Certifying Firewalk Instructor Trainer,  she will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

One that can lead to more bookings, more client success, and more insight as you learn how these incredible metaphors will serve you.

Benefit fully from her many years of experience leading others through reconnection and breakthrough.  If it feels right for you this training is guaranteed to raise your understanding of the world, along with your impact, and influence on it, and she’ll be sharing all the details of how you can make it a reality for yourself during this Q and A session.

What others say about Wild Soul Firewalk instructor certification training 

It’s almost impossible to put this training into words if you’re thinking about it, even for a moment, then don’t hesitate.

Lottie holds such a beautiful space for you to learn, and enjoy. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s frightening, and it’s beautiful.

Robert Stephenson

Fan The Flames Coaching

I had such an amazing experience in Ireland 

I’d love to repeat it.

Helen O'sullivan

Helen O'sullivan

It was such an honour for me to be a part of this journey. I would never imagine this training would have so much power.

I have shivers thinking about it, and love everyone involved deep in my heart.

Kriss Em

Shamanic Practitioner

Thank you so much for knowing your calling and sharing it with others. Inspired, excited, ignited!

Your medicine is a catalyst, and potent.

Treeka Amanita

Treeka Amanita

It’s been the most empowering course I’ve taken in a really long time.

I never thought I could feel this transformed in such a short space of time.

Kiki Mason

Ombodied Wellness

I highly recommend Firewalk Instructor Training with Lottie if you’re looking to achieve a new level

As an experienced coach training with Lottie punctuated a new chapter and repositioned me as a coach who definitely knows their stuff.

Marie J Taylor

Urban Earth Mother

Wild Soul Firewalk Certification Trainings are intimate spaces where Lottie dedicates time and attention to each individual participant.

This means places are highly limited on the actual courses, so to avoid disappointment make sure you take the next step today by saving your space for the Q and A session